We Are at War!

Make no mistake, we are at war. The United States is under attack by forces that want to destroy our system of government, our freedoms, our religion, and our way of life. They are relentless, organized, and determined. They will not accept defeat unless so thoroughly crushed that further attack becomes impossible for them.

This enemy is not the hordes of violent illegal aliens allowed into the country by past and current administrations. It is not the 1.5 billion followers of the death cult called Islam. It is not rogue countries like Iran and North Korea. It is not Russia or China. It is not organized crime. None of these rise to the level of threat as the enemy within. We can remove the illegals and Muslim extremists. We can defeat rogue nations militarily. There is no external threat great enough to bring us down. There is no nation on Earth strong enough to defeat us. We proved that in World War Two, and can do it again, if necessary.

No, this enemy is far more dangerous and will be more difficult to defeat. It lives among us. It is in the Congress, in government, in Universities and high schools. This enemy calls itself Liberal, Progressive, and Democrat. It will not, in most cases, admit to its true allegiance to socialism/communism. It infests our universities. The leadership of the Democratic Party promotes its goal of shredding the Constitution, and appears to be mentally deranged. The Media has been completely taken over, and is openly calling for violent revolt against us.

The last Presidential election proved we cannot defeat them at the ballot box. Even when we win, they refuse to accept the result. They resist, disrupt, riot, attack, and they have become too strong. They control the news media, entertainment, and education.

In the end, we will defeat them by the same means we have defeated evil since our country was born. If we do not, they will take our freedoms, our property, our religion, our future, and our lives.