What Did Not Happen at Trump’s Bronx Rally

Purloined From a Post on X May 23, 2024

So Donald Trump held a huge, wildly successful rally in the Bronx today. That itself is in many ways remarkable, but what I find quite noteworthy is not what happened, but what DID NOT happen. Let me explain.

The population in the Bronx is predominantly black and Hispanic. Like most of America’s urban centers, the Bronx suffers from disproportionate amounts of crime, poverty, drug use and gangs. With that in mind, let me tell you what did NOT happen at this rally:

1. Trump did not put on an affected, fake accent of an A.M.E. Zion minister or Chi Chi Rodriguez (See: Hillary). He was simply Trump, without airs or any patronizing words or thoughts.

2. He did not tell the people of the Bronx that they were victims. He told them that they were powerful and could solve their community’s problems themselves.

3. He did not demonize any groups of Americans as the evil “Other.” Yes, he criticized the failed policies of Democrats and poked fun at their foibles, but he reminded everyone that we are all Americans first, from coast to coast.

4. He did not promise to solve the problems of the Bronx with handouts or wealth redistribution. He merely promised that he would help set the national economic conditions so the community itself could solve its own problems through jobs, business and education. He promised empowerment, not victimhood.

Contrast all of this with what a Democrat would say under the same circumstances. Heck, contrast it with the vile speech of hate and victimhood Biden gave at Morehouse College this past weekend. The difference is stunning. What scares Democrats about this rally is that it shows them that the people whose votes they have taken for granted for many decades are starting to leave the Democrat Plantation of Victimhood in favor of the uplifting, empowering message of Donald Trump and his aspiration to make America a place that is “great again” for ALL Americans.

The times, they are a-changin’.