Welcome to Floyd's world. Much of it exists only in his imagination. No one can predict what you are going to find here but you are invited to explore his world at your leisure.

Floyd is a long-time would-be writer and has had a few articles published for pay. He lacks the discipline to be a professional writer, but hopes that this effort will result in a measure of personal satisfaction for him and pleasure for you. Much of what you will read here is true, to the extent that it really happened, though not necessarily to the people or in the places in the stories. Some of it is created from whole cloth, and some might charitably be called “tall tales”.

Floyd is, or has been, an adventurer, world traveler, soldier, US Navy Chief, parachutist, motorcycle racer, and dangerous game hunter, He has seen giant snakes up close and personal, searched for the Chupacabra and survived in some of the wildest jungle on earth. He has seen the elusive Black Panther and smelled the mark of the Tigre. He has braved the crashing seas of the North Atlantic and the monsoons of Southeast Asia. He has worn the Patch of the 3d Infantry (Audy Murphy) Division and Captained a Navy Patrol Boat. Trained in firearms from the early age of 7, he soon became a crack shot and helped feed his family with wild game while still just a boy. He can make his own weapons and the ammunition for them, Now in his golden years, he is happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Floyd Bridges is a pen name. He was born and grew up in Deep East Texas, left home at 17, and spent most of his adult life in foreign places, including Germany, Viet Nam, Thailand, Panama, and Alabama. All this has shaped and flavored who and what he is today. 

Note: Some of the content on Oldman's Musings first appeared on floydbridges.com. The main page is shown here because I like the claims I made, some of which are true, some of which may be slightly embellished.

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